We offer high-quality jewelry, that emphasizes modernity and refined beauty. Elegant jewelry for elegant moments. The jewelry we offer is anti-allergic, which keeps its appearance and color for a long time. We offer gold-plated, silver and silver-plated jewelry.


In 2021, Paula Krūziņa founded the Missmoralle Jewellery brand in Latvia.

My path to creating the Mismoralle Jewellery brand started quite organically. I envision a brand that resonates with women around the world and reflects my desire to make all women feel confident and beautiful. I think we all have an innate need for connection and self-acceptance. I wanted Missmoralle Jewellery to fulfill what every woman deserves - confidence, strength and lustre. Missmoralle Jewellery refers exclusivity, power, high fashion to authentically represent the modern woman. I worked for a long time on the creation of the brand and with confidence we launched the first jewelry collection THE EVERYDAY. To me, Missmoralle Jewellery is more than just a jewellery brand. It's about celebrating the life that makes us human.

Our community is at the forefront of everything we do, every work we design and every message we share.

Missmoralle Jewellery is made just for you.